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3S-K71 & 3S-K75

Made in the USA Made in the USA
3S-K71 Self Re-Erecting Marker Posts are available in a variety of colors
Highly visible traffic control device can be used to channelize vehicles and promote traffic calming
Offers exceptional softness and remarkable re-erecting memory
Lane delineation, with Self Re-Erecting Marker Posts
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3S-K71 Options

In-Stock Body Colors:
Yellow White

Custom Body Colors:
Black Brown Blue   Orange  

Reflective Band Colors:

3S-K71 Technical Specs

Anchor bolt offers instant removal and replacement of
K-71 flexible post.
Anchor sleeve eliminates all surface mount components allowing surfaces to remain smooth, non-hazardous.
Maximum visibility: Equipped with two, 4” wide reflective color film bands.
Protective anti-debris caps available for anchor sleeve during post removal
8” Dia x 28” H

3S-K75 Self Re-Erecting Marker Posts
3S-K75 Self Re-Erecting Marker Post features a convenient carrying handle
Add an optional LED Strobe to the 3S-K75 Self Re-Erecting Marker Post
3S-K75 Self Re-Erecting Marker Posts are easy to deploy, for temporary or permanent placement

3S-K75 Options

All Colors
Quantity of 30+:
Black Brown Blue   Orange  
Yellow White

Reflective Band Colors:

3S-K75 Technical Specs:

Easy to deploy & easy to store
8” dia. X 35.5”H
Bottom Base 10”W
Strong integrated handle
Easy to carry
2-4” reflective collars
LED strobe lights multi colors
2” heavy duty plastic chain
is available
Bases can be filled with water or sand 5 to 18 lbs

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