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Retractable Belt Stanchions: Indoor/Outdoor

3S-5555 MUTCD Compliant

Made in the USA Made in the USA
Yellow Retractable Belt Stanchion Orange Retractable Belt Stanchion
Retractable Belt Stanchion, with Optional Safety Message
Optional: Choice of 2 safety messages

Reflective Bands Available

Available with reflective bands
Optional 2-3" Reflective Bands

Base Options

16 lb. recycled rubber base has grab handles
16 lbs. Recycled Rubber Base with Easy Grab Base Handles
4 lb. base may be refilled with sand or water
4 lbs. Refillable Base with
Sand or Water
Pricing & Order Form

Stanchion Options

Body Tube Colors:
Yellow Orange Black      

Retractable Belt Colors:
Red Burgandy Black   Grey   Bronze
Blue Dark Blue Olive   Silver Black   Yellow Black
Red Black Yellow Black Bright Yellow   Orange    

Safety Messages:
Caution • Please Do Not Enter
Please Do Not Enter • Temporarily Closed

Technical Specs:

Built for strength and endurance
Designed for quick, on-site assembly, easy transport
and storage
Constructed of weatherproof HDPE (High Density PolyEthylene) plastic
Height: 38-1/4”
Black, Yellow or Orange bodies
Bases: 4 & 16 lbs.
Belt Length: 12 feet
Belt Colors: 15 high-visibility
colors PLUS choice of
2 safety messages
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