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3S-48FP MUTCD Compliant

Made in the USA Made in the USA
Flexible Post: Fixed Base, with "No Parking" Sign Flexible Posts: Fixed Base, range of motion
Flexible Post returns after 15mph impact
Post Returns Upright After
15 MPH Impact

Places To Use:

Valet Areas
Parking Lots
Parking Garages
Multi-Space Parking
Warehouse Floors
Loadings Docks
Pedestrian Pathways
Fire Lanes
Optional Accessories   Fixed Base Specs
Sign Bracket
Sign Bracket
Optional Three 3" Reflective Bands
Optional Three 3” Reflective Bands
Fixed Base Specs
The 3S "Fixed Spring Delineation Post" has a base that is 8" x 8" square with a 1" thickness. 4 bolts tighten down with an Allen Wrench to secure the post to the base. The base is permanently glued to concrete or asphalt. To remove the post, the 4 bolts need to be loosened. The 1" thick base remains in place.
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Flexible Post Options

Body Tube Colors:
Yellow Orange Red   Black  
Grey White  

Two or Three
3" Reflective Bands:

Technical Specs:

Only one person needed to deploy and remove Spring/Magnet Post
No drilling required to install system onto concrete and asphalt
6-inch diameter of magnetic base reduces risk of trip hazard
Small diameter allows ergonomic placement of feet when lifting post from ground
2.25”W x 48”H
ADA-compliant mounting plate can even be countersunk into concrete or asphalt surface

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